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A few days ago I stumbled across a new app and I’m slightly obsessed with it. I’ve always loved monograms and this is a nice addition to the collection. I’ve found two monogram apps for backgrounds on your phone computer iPad or iPod. One of the brand new apps is from Marley Lilly. The other one is called monogram. The monogram app also has a lite version. If you want to pay for it, go for it but I think the light version does the trick. There are different options for fonts, backgrounds and other features. Here are some of my creations! Hope you enjoy!

-Madeline Simone

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On my Radar: Communication


Yesterday I realized how important communication really is. Not only communication but staying in touch with people you care about. One would think that in today’s society with all of this technology and social media that it would be easy right? Maybe for some it is, but for me it’s a bit more tricky.

I’ll admit it, I have a slight addiction to my phone. However as much as I love searching through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, texting is not always my strong point. I’m not really a conversationalist texter- I’m more of a get to the point. Anyways I’ve had to change my texting habits since being at college.

One of my good friends Shannon and I were extremely close growing up. Since going to college we have drifted apart. Not because of any drama or anything but we simply lost touch. Yesterday we finally were able to catch each other up in our lives and it got me thinking.

Anyways the point of my rant is how important it is to stay in touch with people you care about. I’m not saying text them every day, (I certainly won’t be doing that) but make an effort. Whether it’s a letter or an email or a five minute phone call. Make an effort. How do you stay in touch with your loved ones?

Here’s one of my favorite phone cases from the j crew factory!

-Madeline Simone

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Got my Arm Back!


Finally! After six long and painful weeks, my cast is finally off. It was no secret that I was incredibly excited. I still have a small brace for a few weeks but now I have a bit more freedom. I haven’t been cleared 100 percent yet but this Friday I will be able to return to ballet! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to put on a leotard.

One of the first things I did after I got off my cast was of course scrub my entire arm (yuck) and paint my nails. I almost always have my nails painted, so taking two months off was difficult. My nails felt naked. It will also be nice to start dressing nice again and wearing jewelry. Not to say I dressed like a bum for the past two months but it definitely was easier to put on a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings. Many of my clothes that I wanted to wear (shirts and sweaters) wouldn’t fit over my cast.

I broke my left wrist which happens to be the wrist that I always wear my watch and bracelets. I still can’t wear them but it’s nice to know that soon enough they will be back.

I bought this color a few weeks back  for some spring inspiration. It’s of course an essie (my favorite) and is called mod square.

-Madeline Simone

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Oh Boston



A few days ago my friend Paige and I visited Boston. It was a beautiful day- perfect for the first day of spring. Every time Paige and I go to Boston, we always make a trip to Newbury Street. When we were little, (4th grade) we used to go to the MFA (museum of Fine Arts) with our families. Now that we are older we brought back the old tradition. One of our favorite spots on Newbury street are the second time around stores. There are three different STA stores throughout Newbury street. One in particular is our absolute favorite. Every time we go we at least find something. The have great deals for really nice brands.

After doing a bit of shopping we made our way to the Boston Commons. We met up with Petey who happened to have a free afternoon. That evening we had plans to see the Boston Ballet perform Cinderella. For dinner we stopped at a restaurant close to the theatre.

We ate at Papagayo- a delicious mexican restaurant. All three of us got  quesadillas. It was the perfect meal. I love mexican food but can’t handle anything too spicy. This quesadilla was the perfect amount of spiciness. After dinner Paige and I said our goodbyes to Petey and made our way to the theater.

Cinderella was AMAZING! The costuming and cast were wonderful. We both had heard great reviews but weren’t sure what to expect. The finale ended in a giant poof of glitter, which Paige and I obsessed over after.

Paige and I always have fun when traveling together and this trip was another wonderful memory together. Here are some photos from our trip to Boston!

-Madeline Simone

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