Franken Frappecino


Have you tried the limited edition Franken Frappecino from Starbucks? If not, you must because it’s absolutely delicious!  Starbucks for a few days is offering a Halloween inspired minty Frappecino. Be sure to get one while you can, and if you go to a Starbucks after 2 pm it is only three dollars!

What’s your favorite frappecino flavor?

-Madeline Simone

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On My Radar: Living Life to the Fullest

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I found this quote while on tumblr (truth, I probably should have been doing homework) and it really got me thinking.  Lately I’ve been in a bit of a rut and this is exactly what I needed to hear.

Today was one of those cold rainy days where all you wanted to do was stay in bed and watch movies. (I wish) Instead I had three classes and spent the rest of the day catching up on homework and studying for a midterm. All these tasks just seem mindless and without purpose. It’s weird, I know what I want to do with my life but am at the point where I’m stuck in the middle. I’m half way there but am still so far away.

I have a plan for my life and have my goals all mapped out but sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is right. Will all this time and effort get me where I want to be? And on top of that will I enjoy any of it? I don’t want to go through life always thinking about the future without living in the present.

At some point I have to start living. Doing what I want. Doing what makes me happy. Doing what will allow me to succeed.

How do you know when you’ve started living? Thoughts?

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-Madeline Simone

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Friendly Fries

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The city has so many different options for eating and every time I go into the city I get a bit overwhelmed with what to try. I decided to make a list of all of the food places I want to eat at. Slowly but surely I will try all of the places!

One place I have been obsessing over is Pommes Frites. Pommes Frites is a tiny restaurant that sells French fries. Along with the french fries, they offer a variety of different sauces to go with the fries. Over the weekend I made the trek to Greenwich Village with my friend.

It is the cutest place! There are only two tables- most people take it to go, but my friend and I were fortunate enough to get a table. I tried three different sauces with my fries and my favorite was the pomegranate teriyaki mayo. It sounds weird but it oddly tasted wonderful with the fries.

If you are ever in the area be sure to check it out!

Do you like French Fries?

-Madeline Simone

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