The Perfect Bag at Louis Vuitton

The Perfect Bag at Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton trunks and bags are iconic. Seen in movies throughout time, on the arms of starlit’s and in the homes of the elite, they are classic and timeless pieces. Although costly, their quality speaks for itself and their style transcends decades.

Recently, I went to visit the Louis Vuitton exhibit at the New York Stock Exchange building. The exhibit took you through Louis’s life, the development of the company, the expansion of the brand, and how the designs evolved with time. With each new form of travel: boat, train, and plane, the trunks and bags advanced. Vuitton designed trunks for every occasion: clothes, shoes, paints, books, and just about everything in between.

This exhibit reminded me how much I love this ageless brand. For years, I have wanted a Louis Vuitton tote bag. It’s the perfect bag for everyday use, long trips, and being stylish on the go. One day, I hope to invest in a Louis Vuitton travel bag.

If you’re in the New York area I highly recommend this exhibit. It runs through January and is free to the public. But don’t let that fool you: get tickets and avoid the lines.

Get your tickets here.

What’s your idea of a perfect bag?

xx, mm

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Must Have Sweaters For This Season









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Sweaters You Must Have this Season

Here is a list of nine sweaters that you need for your closet this season. Sweaters are a staple for any closet that must survive the cold winter months. My nine, must-have sweaters are versatile, warm, and comfortable.

When shopping for sweaters, make sure they’ll last multiple winters. My favorite sweater of all time is a grey turtleneck from Madewell that I picked up last season. It’s so warm and soft and goes with just about everything. Safe to say it’s my go-to sweater.

What’s your go-to sweater?

xx, mm


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The foodie adventures: Eggs at the Egg Shop

Eggs at the Egg Shop

Some of my favorite foods fall under the category “breakfast” and I always take brunch seriously so when I stumbled upon Egg Shop on Instagram, I immediately added it to my ongoing brunch spot list (brunch list). They have a couple of locations throughout the city but I went to the one in Williamsburg.

Egg Shop specialized in, you guessed it: eggs.

The vibe was simple and fresh and there were traces of eggs throughout the decor and almost everything on the menu had eggs incorporated into the dish. Our table split french toast with a chocolate ganache, blueberries and slices of green apple. It was heavenly but extremely decedent. For my own meal I chose the option to create my own breakfast sandwich with sunny side eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and a spicy aioli. It was delicious.

While the food was good, I will say the service at this location was subpar. Being a former waitress, I value getting the customer’s order correct and our server clearly did not since we had to send our order back.

But overall, the food was good, the atmosphere was fun and the company was even better and I’d recommend that any breakfast lover try it out.

Have you ever been to Egg Shop?

xx, mm




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