On the go: Packing for Ireland


On the go: Packing for Ireland

Last June, I took a trip to Ireland for eight days and packed all of my clothing in a carry-on. Even though many people think this is an impossible task, it can easily be done if you think ahead.

Spend some time identifying pieces that can be easily layered and are versatile. Depending on what you’re doing, I always recommend some athleisure. This will ensure that you’re stylish but comfortable for walking, hiking, or any outdoor adventure.

I would also recommend packing pieces that mix and match with others. Don’t underestimate how many times an item can be reinvented. I only let myself pack one scarf and one ascot and I wore one almost everyday. Once you’ve selected your clothes for the trip, try and pick accessories that can go with everything.

Finally, think about your feet. Since shoes take up the most space, be realistic with what you’re going to wear and always remember: comfort above everything else. I would recommend one pair of nice shoes for dressy occasions and a pair of sneakers since exploring a new country means you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. That being said, you don’t want to end up with blisters on your first day there and be in pain for the rest of the trip, so if you plan on purchasing any new shows for your trip, break them in prior. Wear them a couple of times to make sure that they can last long days of walking.

I ended up packing one pair of Nikes that I wore on the plane, a pair of Adidas tennis shoes, sandals, and a pair of black, Steve Madden slip ons. Something to keep in mind when traveling to Ireland is that the weather is wet. It was nice to have options when it poured for a day and your shoes were still damp.

While my packing list is for the summer, which is undoubtedly easier, the same rules and recommendations apply for suitcases of all seasons. Check out the outfits I wore below and let me know what you think.

Headed for a big trip? Send me the details and I’ll work with you to craft the perfect packing list.

xx, mm








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College Packing Series: Decorations/Organization

Here are some photos from my dorm room last year. I had absolutely no idea what to expect with my room. For orientation I stayed in a different building and ended up having a completely different style room. For decorations I was unsure of what wall space I would have so I kept it to a minimum. I also didn’t know what sort of organization/storage I would need. Target has a lot of different options for dorm rooms. I did most of my dorm room shopping at Target and Ikea. I was so excited to go dorm room shopping. I planned my theme and what I would need for months in advance.

Here is what I ended up with:


I later went on to add more decorations on my wall- it was somewhat boring at first. My roommate and I were fortunate enough to have a great room. It was a big corner room with stark white walls and lots of sunlight. We had these huge windows that offered a nice view. On a clear day you could see the NYC skyline. I loved my room and look forward to decorating my new room!

What does your dorm room look like?

-Madeline Simone

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Packing Series


As my move in day for school creeps closer and closer I can’t help but think about packing. Last year I was completely packed for school by mid august (I didn’t leave until the end of August). People who know me think of me as an extremely organized person. I am known for always having a to-do list and my packing lists are always made weeks in advance.

Anyways, last year for my first year of college I made a very extensive packing list which I ended up sharing with a few of my friends. This year I have decided to share it on my blog to hopefully help out more people! I’m going to do a small series about moving into college. When I was an incoming freshmen I was an absolute wreck. I tried to keep it together but inside i was all nerves. Hopefully this will help a few freshmen, or returning students!

Do you make packing lists?

– Madeline Simone

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