So for anyone who doesn’t know yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion week at Lincoln Center. All the hype about fashion week… it’s real. Fashion week was AMAZING! I saw the Tadashi Show on February sixth at two p.m. My cousin works for Tadashi  and got my friend and me  tickets.

I ended up wearing black j crew winnie pants with black suede wedge pumps, a black sheer blouse with a collar grey blazer from j crew and a pearl necklace also from j crew.

The tent was filled with such interesting people. There were the socialites, editors, fashion guru’s and writers. Then there were the two college freshmen in the back with their jaws on the ground. My friend Julie and I could barely contain our excitement. As sophisticated and calm as we tried to appear we couldn’t hide  the huge grins on our faces.We also made sure to photograph every moment.

The show was spectacular. It started with more youthful dresses and bit by bit more and more elegant dresses appeared on the runway. All of the dresses were breathtaking. There were a few that really stood out to me. One was a long black gown with a nude back that was stunning on the runway. Here are some photos from the BEST. DAY. EVER.


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All I can say is wow. Today I attended the Tadashi fall 2014 fashion show at Mercedes benz fashion week. It was absolutely amazing. All of the dresses were breathtaking. I don’t have much time with all the homework I’ve been putting off but look later for a more in depth look at the fashion show. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am thankful for the chance to see it!

-Madeline Simone

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What does one wear to fashion week?

Tomorrow I will be attending New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week and the biggest question is what will I wear? Words cannot describe how excited I am! I will be attending the Tadashi  show tomorrow at 2 pm. Now I just need to figure out what to wear…

I am thinking of something with black. One can never go wrong with black. It’s simple classic and elegant. Look on the blog tomorrow for pictures of the event.


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What’s more perfect than blogging on a snowy afternoon? As school is cancelled for the second time this week I can’t help but think of the productive things I should be doing. What am I doing you might ask? What every college student loves. Netflix. My favorite show thus far is most definitely Gossip Girl. By the final season the story lines got a bit repetitive but the clothes is what fascinated me most. What girl doesn’t want to be Blaire and have a best friend like Serena. Their overall lifestyle is every teenage girls dream come true.

Every time I go into the city I find myself pretending I’m Blaire walking down the streets of the upper east side. Maybe someday my life will be as fancy and whimsical as those girls. But for now a girl can only dream. That’s all for now


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